Dave Wowchuk - Camera/Steadicam Operator

No matter what type of project I'm working on, my absolute favorite place is behind the camera.

Dave Wowchuk

About Me

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, David is a passionate image creator. His first encounter with the camera was in junior high school when he was asked to be part of his school’s yearbook club. This seemingly simple encounter with the camera turned into a lifelong passion of creating images that tell a story. With an older brother with an established career in professional photography, David began to learn skills of composition, lighting design, expression, and shadow placement.

David is a proficient, accomplished videographer with over 16 years of experience working on feature films, documentaries, short films, television programs, corporate/industrial films, music videos, and live event production. David has taken numerous workshops to continue his lifelong passion for learning, and is a graduate of the International Film & Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine with a certificate in Steadicam Systems & Operation.

David is also the owner of Artisan Media, a full service, multi-disciplinary production company that services medium to large businesses in Manitoba. Artisan Media was founded in 1996 with a vision to become a leading production company in Manitoba producing corporate/industrial films, training videos, commercials, short films & documentaries.

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