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Freelance Camera Operator / DP

First and foremost, I'm a camera guy. I love being behind the camera no matter what the project or subject material is. I have over 26 years of experience shooting and lighting for TV, Broadcast, Documentaries, Commercials, Corporate Video, Marketing, and Advertising.

There are several reasons why someone may want to use a freelance videographer for their video production needs.

Firstly, freelance videographers are often more affordable than larger video production companies. They may have lower overhead costs and may be able to offer more flexible pricing structures that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of the client.

Secondly, freelance videographers often have a more personalized and hands-on approach to their work. They may have more time to dedicate to each project, and can offer more individualized attention to the client's specific needs and goals.

Thirdly, freelance videographers may have a more diverse skillset and be able to offer a wider range of services. They may be able to handle all aspects of the video production process, from pre-production planning to post-production editing and distribution.

Fourthly, freelance videographers may be able to offer more creative and unique perspectives on video content. They may have a more nimble and adaptable approach to their work, which can result in more innovative and engaging video content.

Overall, using a freelance videographer can offer several advantages over working with a larger video production company, including affordability, personalized attention, a wider range of services, and a more creative and unique approach to video content.


Corporate Video Production

There are numerous benefits to using video to promote a business or product.

Firstly, video content is highly engaging and can capture the attention of viewers quickly, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to a company's website or social media channels.

Secondly, videos can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, making them an effective tool for demonstrating product features, explaining complex concepts, or showcasing a company's culture and values.

Thirdly, video content is highly shareable, and can easily be shared on social media platforms, increasing the reach of a business's marketing efforts.

Fourthly, videos can help to establish credibility and trust with potential customers by featuring customer testimonials, showcasing product demonstrations or case studies, or providing thought leadership content.

Finally, video content is versatile and can be repurposed across different marketing channels, such as email campaigns, landing pages, and webinars.

Overall, the benefits of using video to promote a business or product are numerous, and can help to drive engagement, build brand awareness, increase trust and credibility, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

We have worked with small businesses, and some of the biggest corporations in the world. We have an extensive network of professionals in all aspects of production - call us a "one-stop shop" for all your production requirements.


Construction Timelapse Photography & Video Production

There's nothing more satisfying than watching your project unfold before your eyes. Do you have a project that will take days, months, or years to complete - but want to present it in minutes of seconds? Construction Timelapse Photography & Video Production does exactly that.

Using a construction timelapse camera can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Project Monitoring: A construction timelapse camera can provide a clear and concise visual record of a construction project, allowing project managers and stakeholders to track the progress of the project in real-time.

  2. Improved Communication: A timelapse camera can help improve communication between contractors, architects, and clients. Stakeholders can view the progress of the project remotely, reducing the need for frequent on-site visits and making it easier to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

  3. Marketing and Public Relations: Timelapse footage of a construction project can be used to showcase the work of contractors and architects, helping to attract new clients and customers. It can also be used for public relations purposes, providing a visual demonstration of the company's work and its impact on the community.

  4. Risk Management: A timelapse camera can help mitigate risk by providing a visual record of the construction process. In the event of disputes or claims, the footage can be used as evidence to support a case.

  5. Quality Control: Timelapse cameras can be used to monitor the quality of construction work. By tracking the progress of the project, contractors and managers can identify potential issues and take corrective action before they become major problems.

  6. Improved Safety: Timelapse cameras can also be used to monitor safety on construction sites. By providing a visual record of the work being done, contractors and managers can identify potential hazards and take steps to address them before accidents occur.

Overall, using a construction timelapse camera can provide a wide range of benefits for contractors, project managers, and clients alike, making it an essential tool for any construction project.